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Apr 052011

Wrinkles begin to appear on the face of a person when he is in the late forties or after he or she enters fifties. The primary cause of wrinkling of the skin is loss of elasticity, firmness and moisture. At this time of life, the fat layer under the skin also starts to decrease and the skin starts to lose smoothness and begins to sag. In addition to age, certain other factors also help accelerate the wrinkling process. These are over exposure to sunlight and pollution and excessive smoking or drinking habits.

In case of premature wrinkling, it is essential to find out the possible reason so that the steps are taken to slow down the process. The wrinkles can be line or deep wrinkles. Fine line wrinkles are easy to cure, however deep lines take time.

It will be better if treatment is started from the day the wrinkles are first noticed. Treatment of wrinkles involves improvement of the health of the skin. For this a number of natural home remedies can be tried.

For proper care of the skin it is essential to take balanced food. Vitamins play an important role in keeping the skin healthy. Vitamin B complex is essential to maintain the texture of the skin. Improved texture reduces the impact of wrinkles. Vitamin A, C and E have antioxidant properties and help eliminate free radicals from skin. These vitamins are found in abundance in wheat products, meat, chicken, orange and green vegetables and should be consumed in abundance.

It is essential to keep the skin properly moisturised. Moisturising creams are available in stores and these can be used. It is better to use moisturisers with sunscreen of at least 15 or greater SPF to prevent damage due to ultraviolet rays. As far as possible the body should be keep covered with some thick clothes when going out in the sun. Wearing a hat is helpful.

For healthier skin, use of egg mask is very helpful. Egg white should be separated from the yolk and whipped to turn it into foam. Apply this foam on the face for about thirty minutes and wash with warm water. Egg is very rich in proteins and helps tighten the skin, reducing the formation of wrinkles.

Vitamin E capsules can be of great help. Empty two to three capsules in a container and mix the contents with two table spoons of yogurt, about half tea spoon of honey and an equal quantity of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on the face and leave it for ten minutes and wash with water. This is an excellent anti wrinkle cream.

A mixture of equal quantity of comfrey infusion and hazel along with a few drops of patchouli oil is another effective pack for treatment of wrinkles.

Massage of coconut oil, mixed with a few drops of vitamin E oil, at bed time is also very effective for treatment of deep wrinkles.