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Mar 032011

There were times when ladies gave birth to children at home with the help of a midwife. In most of the cases proper hygiene was not adopted at the crucial time. This resulted in many child deaths and many mothers suffered from septic or infections. With advancement of science, more and more educated families decided to go to the hospital for child birth, thus reducing child mortality rate and mothers became safer in the hands of qualified doctors.

With time, to overcome certain medical complications and in case of emergency, birth by caesarean method came in being. In addition medical science devised certain other methods of child bird including birth in water. The aim of these new discoveries was to reduce discomfort caused due to labour pains.

Now a lady has a number of options for giving birth to the child. She can decide to stay at home for delivery and take the assistance of some qualified nurse. The advantage is that the she has slightly more freedom of movement. If allowed by the nurse she can complete labour moving around. The major disadvantage is that help may not be immediately available in case of emergency.

The next is admission in hospital for giving normal birth with the help of a gynaecologist. This is definitely a better option. In case of need full medical assistance is available. If need be another method of delivery can be adopted. The disadvantage is that you will have to follow the hospital rules regarding lying on bed immobile during labour pains.

To overcome the discomfort of labour pain these days many women are opting for cesarean delivery. When the pains just start and the child is ready to be born the patient is operated upon and child is taken out. Post operative care is needed for another seven to ten days after which the mother is normal and can move around.

To overcome the discomfort of labour pain a number of other methods of delivery are being devised and tried. The one method now quite often used is delivery in water. The lady is made to float in water. Due to gravitational upward push of water her body floats. This helps reduce pain undergone at the time of delivery.

Other methods used include suction of child by vacuum pump or pulling out the child with the help of tongs. These are risky to a great extent. The decision of the methods to be adopted is of the individual woman. It is necessary that the decision should be taken in advance so that there is no last minute confusion and you have happy delivery and give birth to a healthy child.