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Mar 262011

Beauty is judged not only just from the face or style of hair, but from total makeup of the body as a whole. All parts of the body which are exposed to onlookers need to be done up. Nails are one of the parts which need proper attention. Long and well made up nails are a of fashion statement these days.

Due to certain reasons some ladies are unable to grow long natural nails. The reasons can be nails being brittle, or the working conditions to which she is exposed or the habit of biting nails. Still such women have the desire to have well made up nails. Nail extensions come to their rescue and play an important role. Nail extensions are well shaped artificial nails fixed to natural nails. They resemble natural nails and can be painted in the same way. When the base nails grow the gaps that appear between the skin and artificial nails can be filled up with nail material.

Nail extensions available in the market are made of different types of material. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages and different price tags. Depending upon your spending capacity you can make a choice of the extensions best suited to you. The choices can be between:

Acrylic nails extensions which are the most common choice of users. These are quite strong, easy to maintain and their resemblance is quite close to natural nails. With the help of acrylic adhesive these are fixed on the natural nails and nail paint applied to give beautiful look.

Silk wrap nail extensions are made of pieces of silk material. Extensions made using this technique allow the natural nails to breathe. These extensions are generally used on nails which are damaged or cracked. Silk nail extensions can also be used on nails which for any reason are weak.

Gel nail extensions are the latest addition to the nail extensions trend. Because of the glossy look these extensions have become extremely popular with models. Following them, ordinary women have also developed liking for them. The nails are light in weight and give a shiny look. These are also called UV gel nails as these are treated under UV lamp.

Since a lot of cost is involved in buying and fixing nail extensions and your looks are involved, it is advisable to get the services of an expert technician for getting them fixed. Once fixed, regular care of the nails should be taken. The technical expert who has fixed these extensions will be able to guide you. For long lasting and beautiful look follow the instructions properly.