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Mar 082011

Cellulite means the appearance of cottage cheese or orange peel like skin mainly in the thighs, buttocks, breast and abdomen. This is found in about ninety percent of women. The reason for this disease is the reduction of oestrogen, a hormone found in women, to break down collagen the fiber which keeps the skin firm. It is a wrong thinking that cellulite is found only in women with obesity. Those who do not exercise or have a faulty life style, and have aging skin are more liable to get cellulite.

Women undergo many hormonal changes during their life time. Birth control pills are also hormonal in nature and leave their mark. As a result of hormonal changes lymphatic drainage, fat and rate of blood flow are affected. Also, connective tissues are unable to repair themselves. With time the outer skin becomes less supple. The skin becomes bumpy and dimpled-the characteristics of cellulite. Consequently skin becomes uneven and cellulite is formed. This can be formed anywhere in the body.

In spite of the fact that some women eat a well balanced diet and do regular exercise they get cellulite. However they may be suffering from a milder form as compared to women who are do not eat a well balanced diet and also does not do any exercise. In the case of such women the cellulite attack may be quite severe resulting in formation of large lumps of fat. The unhealthy life style is responsible for poor circulation of blood, adding to it, water retention in the body makes the effect of cellulite much worse.

For treatment of cellulite surgery is said to be the best option. Though some non surgical options such as pills, creams and herbal teas available at health stores. The cream manufacturers claim that their product can be used to remove or drain out excess fat from the affected part. This claim has not been substantiated by FDA. A very costly branded cream available in some stores to be applied while doing massage claims to be effective. It has been found that this has temporary effect. With massage the accumulated fat does spread out temporarily but accumulates at some other place. In the absence of certification from FDA it may not be worth spending so much money on expensive creams.

Though no treatment may be available except surgery, still well balanced diet with very little salt should be helpful. The object should be to increase blood circulation. Yoga, tai chi and long walks and drinking plenty of water should help to improve blood circulation. Fatty food should be avoided, if you smoke quit immediately as it reduces blood circulation. With time and with these precautions the cellulite may become less.