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Sep 242009

eyelashes-careLoss of eyelashes is mostly caused by skin problems. Many would have come across eye irritation and the reason would have been an eye lash fallen in the eye. It’s very common to find eyelashes falling off while rubbing eyes or applying eye makeup etc. There is no need to worry about eye lashes falling as they will grow back in the hair follicle and maintain the thickness.

Loss of Eyelashes and Treatment

When the ageing process sets in, the ability of the eyelashes to grow back reduces. Therefore, the thickness of the eyelashes reduces. But some people lose eye lashes in clumps at much younger age and they don’t grow back. This may be due to some undying disease.

Alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease is one such disease that could cause hair fall. This disease would make huge tufts of hair fall and they wouldn’t grow back. This could spread to the eyes too and cause the eyelashes and eye brows to fall and not grow again.

Till now there is no permanent cure for this disease. Visiting a dermatologist would help to control further damage to the hair follicles. The trained medical professionals would be able to prescribe cortisone shot which would reduce the rate of fall of hair.

Hypothyroidism could be a reason for eyelashes falling in clusters. Hypothyroidism occurs due to the inactive thyroid that causes various complications. This generally occurs in women. Visiting a doctor would be helpful in confirming the reason and thyroid levels as well through blood test. There are various medications available to bring the thyroid content to the optimum level. This would automatically help in growth of eyelashes.

Eyelashes are sensitive and they should not be meddled with. Frequently curling the lashes, plucking them or fiddling with them would irritate the hair follicles and they would begin to fall. Curling should be reserved for few special occasions and if possible substituted with curling wand mascaras.

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