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Mar 312011

There is a mixed response to the belief that toothpaste help get rid of blemishes. Many people say that the fastest way to get rid of blemishes over night is to apply a thin layer over the affected skin and let it work overnight. Those opposed to this theory say that this could cause burning. However, both schools of thought may be correct on their part. The results may depend upon the choice of brand and the composition of the toothpaste selected.

Broadly, toothpastes are of two types. These are gel type and traditional toothpastes. Traditional toothpaste has chalk as its base material and is the main component. Mostly for formulation, a small quantity of alcohol is also added. Both chalk and alcohol have drying effect on the pimple. When a layer of toothpaste is applied on a pimple, it sucks out moisture and oil from it. As a result of this, the pimple gets flat. It is necessary to wash your face thoroughly after applying the toothpaste.

Gel toothpaste due to its composition does not absorb moisture as such will not work on blemishes. In addition, toothpaste should not be used on blackheads or whiteheads. Application of toothpaste will clog the pores and make the thing worse. The procedure of application of the paste is simple. If you are covering a large space of your face, it should be applied till it dries out. Once dry, the face should be washed properly to remove it fully. After washing, moisturizer needs to be applied. If only dots are applied, they can be left overnight.

Another benefit of using toothpaste is that it is comparatively inexpensive. If there is lot of burning sensation or redness on the pimple, peppermint toothpaste can be applied. This will have a cooling effect.

Toothpaste contains alcohol even though in a small quantity. In case your skin is delicate, you may develop rashes due to the alcohol. Some toothpastes have fluoride as their ingredient. This may cause dermatitis. When skin gets affected, red bumps are formed on the affected part. Thus if you have delicate skin, using fluorinated toothpaste will be a bad idea. These days, for marketing and advertisement purposes, certain other ingredients are also added to the toothpastes. These include peppermint oil. Though this oil has a soothing and cool effect, it can cause rashes in case of delicate skin.

One can conclude that it cannot be said using toothpaste on pimples is good or bad. It should be applied after proper testing on a small portion of the skin or on a small patch. If a particular toothpaste suits you, it should be applied again, and effort should not be made to try new brands. In case of an acute condition, a doctor should be consulted as the pimples and blemishes may be due to hormonal changes.