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Oct 092010

Yet another category of women, who want to look beautiful by way of dressing up in the right manner, but fail considerably, are none other than the apple shaped ones. Now what exactly strikes us when we think of the apple shaped women is an over flowing belly that has no banks to hold them in. Which means if you have just delivered a baby, you are sure to have the shape that has been discussed in the lines above. Some easy fashion tips for suitable clothing can help to overcome this problem.

Such women often complain of not being in a position to find the right attire in the market. If they go on and wear something clinging, it easily shows off their ugly over pouring belly to the rest. And on the contrary if they wear something loose and easy fitting, they look bigger in size and age. So, the best way to help such women is to first ask them to stop going paranoid over this petty issue.

Buy a skin colored inner wear that will hold your muscles in so that you could easily begin wearing the clothes of your choice. Skirts fashion should be welcomes in every possible respect and remember to team them with high heeled footwear whenever you wish to look slimmer and more in shape. You could also go in for high strung pants which are tied above your stomach so as to help hold your tummy in. In such a case you should try wear lengthy top which go a long way to help make you appear thinner and prettier in the bargain.

Short skirts which have a thicker and broader waist belt again to hold your belly should be gone in for without a doubt. You could wear a broad neckline top with it so that your shoulders, neck and face tend to look just the right size. The idea here is to wear something that will hide your excess flabbiness and make you look younger than what your age really is. You might as well wear a party dress with the inner wear that will hold your tummy in so that you look quite in shape and in the right proportion.

Flared up or balloon tops will make your bust appear to be extremely big so think again and buy skin clinging or stretch shirts instead. They not only help keep the fat in place but also tend to give you the right shape. Pencil skirts are excellent. Try every skirt possible, long or short. After all the whole idea is to be in the right mood and look the right way rather than fretting crazily in corners all over.