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Nov 292010

Skin is a very delicate organ. It needs utmost care both in summer and in winter. As the temperature drops and cold dry winds start to blow, skin gets dry and flaky. If exposed to cold it can develop rashes, wind-burns and may also crack. Extent of care depends upon the extremities of weather and delicacy of skin. Following are some of the steps that should be taken to protect skin during cold weather.

Proper nourishment should be provided to the skin both from inside and outside. Balanced diet, plenty of fruits, green vegetables and vitamin supplements should be taken regularly. A glass of fresh water mixed with lemon juice is a must to start the day. Drink plenty of water so that the body remains properly hydrated. Some light exercises should be added to daily routine, these help increase blood circulation to all parts of body. Tiredness caused with exercise will also help to have good sleep.

These are some of the methods of internal care of the skin. It is equally essential to follow external care methods described hereunder-

Avoid extremely hot water bath. Though to some people it is refreshing but it removes natural oil and skin becomes dry and flaky. Luke warm water bath is good as removes unwanted deposits and minimal natural oil from body. After bath remember to clean the whole body by rubbing it with soft towel. This will remove dead skin and open the skin pores, for this brush may also be used. Natural exfoliants like oatmeal, or a mixture of salt and sugar can be used as well.

Use of proper moisturiser becomes a must during winter. Some good moisturiser or body gel or cream should be applied in routine. If it is not possible to apply it on whole body daily, a rotation should be decided and applied on all body parts in routine. Exposed parts of body namely face, hands and feet tend to dry more as compared to the covered parts. Apply moisturiser on the exposed parts even more than once a day especially on hand as they are washed quite often. Remember that lips have no oil glands and need moisturisers regularly otherwise they may get chapped and are painful.

Use of humidifier is of a great help. A blower with a humidifier will be quite helpful. As the warm air from blower mixed with water vapours will provide humidity and will not dry the skin.