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Jan 192011

Breast Cancer is a form of cancer which originates and affects the breast because of abnormal proliferation of tissue present in the breast area. This form of cancer is becoming widespread and cause of concern due to its common occurrence. Although women are more affected by this type of cancer, men are not totally saved from it. The best way to safeguard oneself from this type of cancer is to know and recognize the common symptoms of breast cancer so that it can be detected and cured at the very onset.

Breast cancer is of two basic types:

  • Ductal carcinoma: This variant of the cancer originates in the milk carrying tubes from nipples to the breast. This is the most common form of breast cancer.
  • Lobular carcinoma: This variant of the cancer originates in the lobules which can be defines as the milk-producing parts of the breast.

Common types of  Breast Cancer symptoms

The most apparent and easily noticeable symptom of breast cancer development of a lump in the breast. Such a lump can be easily recognized as it looks and feels different from rest of the breast tissue. Another important symptom of breast cancer is presence of these lumps in lymph nodes which are present in the armpits. These lumps should be reported immediately to a medical professional so that a mammogram can be conducted and breast cancer can be detected very early.

Another common symptom which can be noticed by a careful examination is change in breast size or shape. Changes may also occur in texture of the skin tissue in terms of skin dimpling, inwards inversion of the nipple. Sometimes a pus like discharge which can either be translucent or yellowish green in colour in the nipple may also be observed.

Bleeding from the nipple is a sure shot symptom of cancerous growth in the breast. One can also count pain in the breast as a symptom, but this symptom is a very unreliable one. Breast inflammation may be noticed in a type of breast cancer called the inflammatory breast cancer.

One should take a colour variation in the breast seriously. This includes if the skin around the areora or the nipples starts to turn dark.

It is very important for men to take such symptoms very seriously. Men with breast cancer will notice lumps in breast area. They also experience soreness and pain in the area.

Some signs that the cancer has reached an advanced stage include pain in the bones near the breast, swelling in the arm next to the affected breast. One may also experience skin ulcers. A reddish skin will give way to blisters and open wounds accompanied by loss in weight.