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Feb 232011

One or two casual drinks may be all right for a normal person, but not for a lady who is pregnant. It is not safe for her to drink alcohol even in small quantities. It affects the child inside your womb. A pregnant lady must ensure that the day she comes to know of her pregnancy, she must immediately stop smoking and drinking. Rather if a couple is planning to have a child, consumption of alcoholic drinks should be discontinued before conception.

Drinking can come in the way of pregnancy. Chances of conceiving for women who drink are far less than the women who are off drinks. Even if you have conceived, excess of alcohol can result in miscarriage.

It is the desire of the parents to have a healthy child, if you want to fulfil this, it is necessary to quit drinking immediately. The child of the lady who gets drunk or even consumes two or more drinks regularly is likely to be born with both physical and mental disorder, with a risk of damage to the vital organs.

The most common chance of the baby born to an alcoholic mother is that he or she suffers from Foetal Alcoholic Syndrome (FAS). A woman who is unable to stop drinking during pregnancy is herself inviting trouble of producing a baby suffering from FAS. A child born suffering from this disorder is likely to be both physically and mentally handicapped. This is not a short term problem but could continue for the full life of the child. The child will look abnormal and physical malfunctioning will be apparent. These can include small eyes and malformed nasal bridge, and short nose. The child will be under weight with small head and short length.

Remember that when a pregnant lady drinks alcohol it mixes with the blood and goes directly into the blood stream. From there it goes through the placenta without dilution and the foetus gets affected with alcohol. Remember that the quantity of liquor the pregnant mother consumes is the same quantity which circulates in the blood stream of the unborn child. It continues to affect the child for a long time as it takes more than an hour for the liver to break down alcohol present in the blood. The child with tender organs is likely to suffer much more than the mother.

One can just imagine the affect alcohol has on a full grown man. He loses control on his movement and nervous system and memory gets affected. It can well be imagined how the organs of a child consuming the same quantity of undiluted alcohol will be affected. To conclude it can be rightly said that it is criminal neglect for a lady to think of pregnancy if she is unable to give up drinking.