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Apr 302011

Ethnic hair is thicker, full of curls and is coarser as compared to the ordinary type of hair. Because of the nature, size and shape, these hairs tend to become dry and if proper care is not taken they can break off quickly and easily. If you decide to grow long hair it is necessary also to decide to take proper care of the hair. The school of thought that those with ethnic hair cannot grow them long is wrong. If proper care is taken there should be no reason why ethnic hair cannot be worn long.

Lack of proper understanding of the hair care and excessive application of gels and heat for curling or straightening are the primary reason for hair loss. Like any other part of the body our hair, requires proper nourishment. The nourishment comes through hair follicles present in the scalp. In addition to food rich in Vitamin B, E and C, our hair takes nourishment from the oil we apply on the scalp and massage we do after bath which helps increase blood supply to the follicles. In addition healthy food, which should be a balanced combination of green fresh vegetables and fruits, meat eaters can eat red meat and sea food for hair health.

Drinking plenty of water is a must for proper hydration of the body from inside. Water does not only provide hydration to your body but also helps to flush out unnecessary toxic material which enters your system. Artificially flavoured drinks and soda drinks should be avoided. However, in addition to water you can drink juice of fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is essential to keep the hair clean. The selection of shampoo and conditioner is essential and it should depend upon the type of your hair. These products are available for dry, normal or oily hair. Shampoos with natural supplements like aloe vera, rosemary, neem oil, olive oil or egg should be preferred as these will provide direct nourishment to your hair.

One night before you shampoo your hair you should apply coconut oil and massage the scalp vigorously so that the oil enters your scalp hair follicles. Do not use very hot water for hair wash, slightly warm water will do. After application of conditioner wrap the hair with a towel and dry the hair in sun or using a drier.

Do not expose your hair to excessive heat or direct sunlight. If you have to go in sunlight wear a cap if possible. Trimming the split hair ends at regular intervals will help a lot. If you follow this healthy routine regularly there should be no reason why it will not be possible for you to grow long and healthy ethnic hair.