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May 122011

Women undergo a large number of therapies and surgeries to look young. Eyes are said to be the index of the face of any person. When the eyes start to give older look the whole face will start to look likewise. Eyelid lift can help a person whose face has started to give sagging look due to aging. Eyelid lift can help rejuvenate the face and the person who has undergone this process will have a younger and youthful look.

This is a cosmetic surgery to help reduce wrinkles over or under the eyelids, this surgery also helps remove fat layers and tone up the muscles of the area. The process of eyelid surgery involves separation of fat from muscles with the object of removing excess fat. After it is removed the cut made on the skin is closed with the help of stitches. This way the surgeon is also able to remove excess saggy skin for youthful wrinkle free look.

This procedure involves surgery and takes about two to three hours to complete. After surgery the cut has to be given sufficient time to heal properly. Healing time depends upon person to person. For quick healing it is essential to maintain healthy life style, eating a balanced diet and avoiding smoking and drinking.

There are advantages and disadvantages associated with this surgery. They can be described as:

While performing this surgery the eyelid is lifted from the current position. With this sagging eye brows or eye lids are lifted and tightened. This helps the patient look more awake. In addition to it being cosmetic surgery this can help the people with eyesight trouble due to sagging brows.

The disadvantages are that it involves a lot of cost. In case the surgeon is inexperienced, or if there is error of judgement on his part, the results can be unfavourable and may result in permanent deformity of face. Due to the reason of excessive lifting, it may become difficult for the eyes to close. The benefit of this surgical process may not last for the life time of the person. With age the skin becomes loose and the surgical effect is lost fast.

Choice of the proper surgeon is a must before going in for this surgical process. You should visit his clinic and if possible have a meeting with his other patients. Before going in for this surgery it is necessary to discuss with the doctor about the medicines you are taking and complications or allergic reactions you had earlier. Always go in for blood test to ascertain if you are suffering from high blood sugar level as this retards recovery process. As there are advantages and disadvantages associated with this surgery, it is necessary to have a proper evaluation done before going in.