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Dec 292009

eyebrow piercing aftercareBody piercings and eye brow piercings are very fashionable and trendy. But unless good after care is taken after  eye brow piercing, there are plenty of chances of getting infection. Here are few tips on after care to be taken till the wound of eye brow piercing heals.

1. Ensure to touch eyebrow ring with clean hands. Hands should be wash with soap preferably antibacterial one and dried before touching the eyebrow ring.

2. Piercing should be kept clear of dust and irritants. It should be cleaned at least 3 times a day and as and when anything is done that could cause irritation or dust to settle down on the wound.

3. Piercing and the ring should be washed with antibacterial soap. A cotton swab should be used to remove all the crustiness. After rinsing to remove out all traces of soap, they should dried using a paper towel. If a bath towel is used, there is chance of germs spreading and snagging the ring or getting lint into the piercing.

4. Salt water mixture could be used to clean the piercing. But care should be taken not to let the water into the eyes as it would cause irritation. A squirt bottle should be used to clean the piercing. Towel should be placed under the piercing and cover the eyes when the water runs off. The salt water should be squirted around the piercing from all directions. This should be repeated several times. After this piercing should rinsed off with clean water and dried with paper towel.

5. Nothing with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or betadine should be applied on the piercing.

6. Consuming Vitamin-C supplements with the approval of the doctor would help to fight infection and speed up the healing process.

7. Care should be taken to not wear any makeup near the piercing. Makeup can contain bacteria which could cause infection.

8. Swimming should be avoided until the wound heals. However the water may seem clean or clear, it would contain bacteria which could cause infection.

9. Very soft bristled new toothbrush dipped in hot water could be used to brush off any crusting from the barbell.

10. Meddling with ring or barbell is not advisable as it could irritate the wound and it may take longer to heal.

11. Once pierced, it better to wear the ring or barbell at least for 6 months at a stretch so that the piercing wouldn’t close up.

12. None should be allowed to touch the ring or barbell as the bacteria could easily migrate from one person to another.

13. Better to sleep with face up to avoid danger of snagging the ring and bacteria from the pillow infecting the wound.

14. Most important: persisting redness and swelling are signs of infection. The piercer or the doctor should be contacted immediately.

Adhering to the above tips, would help to the piercing to heal quickly and without much trouble.