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Mar 062011

With the desire of each lady to look beautiful, the trend of getting facial surgery done is increasing. Normally facial surgery is done for correction of irregular or odd shapes of face line or nose or lips alignment. This surgical procedure is also adopted for treatment of burns, pigmentation or for clearing of scars from the face or exposed parts of the body.

Cosmetic surgery does involve risks so selection of the surgeon is very important. It is necessary to have proper assessment of the skill of the surgeon. Before deciding you should have several meetings and get proper references. Once satisfied, go further and decide about what needs to be done and when.

Each surgery, even if it may be a small cut on a boil, has inherent risks. The amount of risk involved depends upon the surgeon, surgical process and post operative care available at the nursing home and the home of the patient. Different types of risks are involved in different types of cosmetic surgery namely blepharoplasty or rhinoplasty or face lift.

In case of surgery for face lift, certain parts of facial skin are cut and the remaining skin is joined to lift the sagging part of the skin of face. Similarly for plastic surgery the existing damaged skin is scraped and live skin of the same color from another part of the body is pasted on the scraped part. The blood vessels start supply of blood to the new skin which becomes permanent at the new site.

The first and foremost risk is the development of infection in cuts or scraped parts, during surgical process or after the surgical process is over, i.e. during the post operative time. Extra care needs to be taken in case of patients who smoke extensively. Often in such cases doctors refuse to perform cosmetic surgery. Smoking affects the veins, which contract and reduce the supply of oxygen to different parts of the body. Cosmetic surgery involves cutting of skin and joining cut parts together. In case of smokers since oxygen supply is less than that as is available in case of non smokers the skin tends to die. As a result of this the chances of failure are far more in case of smokers.

This process is often quite painful and carried out under anaesthesia. Anaesthesia may be general or local. For general anaesthesia certain drugs are injected in the body and the patient goes in the state of sedation. Some patients react to anaesthesia, it causes serious and fatal after effects. Ensure that you are not of the type. However if the procedure is to be performed under local anaesthesia things may be different. Also discuss with the doctor about the medicines you are taking in routine, be very particular about this.