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Oct 182010

Pregnancy definitely signifies eating the right food and avoiding unhealthy diet which is another facet of this phase, that ever expectant mother should bother about what foods to avoid when pregnant. It is true that this is the time of entertaining numerous urges and hunger pangs with a full swing but sometimes you just need to draw the line for it could lead to serious trouble for you and your little one encapsulated in the womb.

Eat what is right all the time and believe in staying healthy for it is important for your baby as well. Don’t go on scoffing junk food or any of the spicy stuff that could be dicey for your little one to digest. Be careful when you pick up pickles or chillies to quench your hunger pangs for it could be extremely damaging for your system. Instead chalk out a healthy diet for your nine months duration including the food of your choice as well so that you maintain a health oriented regime.

Try to take in as much calcium, iron and the various vitamins as possible for they are indispensable during pregnancy. You might be taking supplements of the same but still concentrate on a balanced diet including a lot of milk and milk products just in case you are not allergic to them, so as to give your baby everything healthy.

Sprouts, lentils, vegetables are just too good to be consumed when you are expecting your baby so as to help him grow eating the best available. Do not live on junk or the packed food like many working mothers often do and end up with several health problems later or during their course of nine months itself. In fact be a little selfless for some time and stick to a healthy diet which is a must during this time.

Drink a lot of water and fresh juices that will make you feel light all the time. Don’t keep stuffing yourself endlessly with food for that would only increase your weight if not more and eat normal food which you consume every day. Just be sure of taking in all the right minerals and vitamins due to the need of the hour.

Avoid over consuming of caffeinated drinks like black coffee etc. when pregnant. Don’t even think about wine and smoking as these are highly restricted things during pregnancy from the health departments in the countries.

Long walks would help you digest your food without laxatives that many mothers are addicted to. Pregnancy is one time which could constantly constipate your system owing to resorting to laxatives for flushing out the toxins. Instead, eat light and right so as to keep your stomach clean and clear so that you don’t have to take medicines to keep your system in shape.

Enjoy this time for you could gain the right amount of weight by consuming the required calories. Going overboard never helps so avoid overeating even if people tell you to do so. There is no book that says that you have to eat double for you and your baby as whatever you eat is enough for him as well.