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May 042011

Hairstyle is now an art and specialization is needed to master this art. There were times when anybody with any shape of face was given any hair style. People with all types of faces were given bob hair or longer hair depending upon the prevailing style without going in for specifics of an individual.

In case of those with a round face, picking up the right type of hairstyle to complement your face is important. Many women with round face are faced with the dilemma of finding the best hairstyle. A round face is generally as wide as it is long and the cheeks are usually full. This shape of the face often makes the neck look shorter.

There is no hard and fast rule of creating perfect hair style for the round face. The aim of styling is to make the face look thinner and longer. The eyes need to be directed away from the fullness of cheeks.

In a salon, while going in for a perfect hair style, you may opt for short hair style to add length to your face. Layered bangs will give illusion of length to the face. Choosing of layered bangs will be a better option as compared to straight or heavy bangs. If you have curls, it is essential to keep them away from the cheeks. If you have a double chin you can also go in for bob cut above the chin level. This will help round off the existing round face. In case of a short neck with a round face, go in for cropped hair to make the neck look longer.

With a round face you can go in for long hair done in layers. This will make the face more slender. In case the long hair is piled up on the head, the face will look thinner. This will work the best with heavy round faced persons. On long hair, highlights near the face will give the same effect. Long curls with dangling tendrils suit the round faced people well, care should be taken that the tendrils do not fall near the cheeks.

There are a number of hair styles which can be chosen by a woman with a round face. The object should be to be versatile. The rule is not to follow the guidance or guidelines of the expertise of others, but she should adopt the style with which she is comfortable. If there is no comfort in a style the object is lost. To decide about the hair style that will suit your round face, it is better to go through some fashion magazines. Try to find a model with the facial features close to yours, and see the type of hair style she is wearing.

The first object should be to have full confidence and comfort while you go out and meet people.