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May 132011

During the period of pregnancy lots of hormonal changes take place in the body of a woman. This is a natural phenomenon and the object is to provide maximum nourishment to the growing foetus. In certain cases some women report that their hair has grown thicker and more lustrous during pregnancy. This is because of increase in level of oestrogen hormone in body.

Normally the doctors prescribe certain vitamin and mineral supplements to be consumed at regular intervals during the pregnancy. The primary object of these supplements is to ensure the healthy development of the child and these do have a positive effect on the health of the hair of the mother. As such it becomes necessary to be particular about consuming these supplements.

This is a temporary phenomenon and the hair of the mother starts to grow and become healthy after the birth of the child when the hormonal levels become normal. It is not necessary to wait till the end of pregnancy before you start to take care of your hair. Hair care can be safely done during those nine months as after the birth of your child you will get more involved with him or her and may find lesser time for yourself. There are several ways to avoid or minimise the damage to the hair of the mother.

Using protein rich shampoo helps minimise the damage to hair during pregnancy. Protein helps to provide strength to the hair shafts. In place of shampoo you can whip two eggs, a spoon of lime juice and olive oil. Apply this to your hair for about thirty minutes and wash using slightly warm water. The hair can also be rinsed using warm water with a lemon juice squeezed into it. After about fifteen minutes the hair can be rinsed with plain water. These are natural products and absolutely safe for your child. Other safer ways to have healthy hair during pregnancy includes:

  • Unless your hair gets dirty due to your working conditions do not wash your hair daily. Hair can be washed after three days. Use protein rich and mild shampoo.
  • After shampoo condition your hair using some good quality conditioner. This will provide strength to your hair.
  • Use a wide toothed comb gently to remove tangles. Do not comb your hair when wet and dripping or you will weaken your hair already affected due to hormonal changes. It will be better to let the hair dry normally without using a drier.
  • Do not keep the hair dry. Apply oil a night before you decide to shampoo your hair. Wash hair the next morning. While applying oil slowly massage your scalp using your fingers, if possible let some other person apply oil on your hair.

Following these simple instructions you can minimise hair damage and loss.