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May 082009

hair-care-tipsShiny, jet black and bouncy hair is fancy of every woman. Although all are not blessed with such lovely hair but can change the looks of the hair with a perfect hair do. This will change the looks of the women as well. A hair style that suits the face can make her look really beautiful and one that doesn’t can make her very unattractive.
Here are some of tips on hair care:

Hair styling to suit face

Different hair styles have different impact on the each person’s face. Some styles can make a round face look flat while others can make it look chubbier. To know which style would suit the face, its best to consult a professional hair dresser. There are inexpensive computerised software available which shows the impact of various hairdos on a person’s face.

Changing hair style

Variety is spice of life. So its a good idea to change hair style once in a while to give a different look. Sometimes it could be tied up, at times let loose and so on

Trim hair frequently

Hair should be trimmed off at the edges regularly to prevent them for damaging. Some people need to trim hair once in 6 to 8 weeks while others may need once in 3-4 months. It depends on the hair growth rate but trimming is important for the growth of hair.

Accessories and clothes to match hair style

Matching the clothes and accessory would speak about the person’s style.  If a person with a very sophisticated hairstyle sports a very jazzy outfit, it would really odd.

Colouring, frosting or tipping hair

Colouring, frosting or tipping hair would highlight the hair and give a different look. It’s better to consult a professional to know at the nature of the scalp and suggestions on the products to be used. Also its best to try out on a small portion of hair to ensure the chemicals suit the hair and it spreads evenly.

Avoid extremities

Its a good idea to try out different styles but it should be done when there are no commitments. If a person in customer facing job goes with a spiked and purple coloured hair, he/she wouldn’t give a leave good impression.  Its good to do these in the holidays. Its always better to opt a hairstyle which suits the daily life but can be changed when need arises.

Shampoo and conditioner to suit hair

There are variety of shampoos and conditioner available in the market. Its best to check the ingredients and choose the one that sounds convincing.