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May 142011

Each woman has a different perception for beauty. Some may like a particular color of eyes or shape of face while another may like something which is far removed. Likewise, some may be proud of their wide forehead, while others may be embarrassed about it and try different ways and means to hide it.

Men have an easy option of wearing a hat to cover their wide forehead. Women can be more creative with their hair styles. A proper hair cut can hide your wide forehead if you are not comfortable with it. A hairstyle with bangs is the best as the bangs will cover a large part of your forehead and it will appear smaller. It may limit your choice of hairstyles.

First of all you need to chose a hairstyle and decide where you want the bangs. You can have them straight in front or they may be placed on the sides, or they may be slanted. You can search the internet for pictures of the appropriate hair style. Print them and carry them with you to the hair dresser.

When at the hair dresser, show the pictures to her and explain that the hair cut you have chosen is to cover your wide fore head. Keeping that and your chosen hairstyle in mind, she will be in a position to give you suggestions as to what will work best for you. What appeals to you in a picture may not necessarily be right for you so do discuss with the hair dresser.

Those with a wide forehead should not tie their hair back. The forehead then becomes the focus of attention. Hair should be left lose so that it frames the forehead and face and diverts attention away from the bangs. They then look part of the hair style and not an oddity.

If your hair is too short to afford a hair style with bangs, wear hair accessories that take attention away from the wide forehead and are able to partly cover it. These accessories can be scarves, head bands or bandanas. If they are chosen to match your clothes, they will look all the more pleasing.

Do not wear a middle parting. Very straight hair will not suit you much. Have soft wispy hair falling on either side of your face. That will give you a soft look and make you look attractive.