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Mar 042011

Each person loves to have his own hair style and hair color. At one time it was a fashion to color the total hair and the objective was to look different. This fashion slowly changed from dying the full hair, to dying some hair or streaking. Streaks can be to create contrast to change the general look of a person or to have bold color streaks to attract the attention of those around you.

While deciding to add streaks to your hair it is essential to first of all decide on the type of streaks you want and the purpose for which you would like to get the streaks. Those with blonde hair can have streaks of slightly darker color in some portion of the hair to create a contrast. This will look good for formal occasions. However to be prominent or to look wild in parties you may add some bright color streaks. The person with darker hair needs to be very particular about the color of streaks. People with dark hair can have streaks of white or some other solid colors like red, green, golden or the like.

Once you have decided on enhancing your looks in this way, you have to choose the nature of color to be used and the method to be followed. A large number of colouring agents are available in the stores. Do not go in for uncertified or cheap products as you may end up damaging your hair or skin.

Before applying color wash and dry your hair to remove oil if any. Then prepare the mixture/solution of the color as per the specification printed on the pack. Dip a wand into the solution and apply the color to a portion of the hair. While applying the color, take care to apply it up to the hair roots otherwise the roots will be of a different color. Care should be taken to ensure that the brush does not touch your scalp.  Let the color dry and after close examination apply again to the parts which have not been properly covered.

Washable mascara or eye liners are available in bright golden, silver brown or black colors. This can be applied as this is easier to apply but ensure that it is washable. If by chance you apply waterproof mascara it will be difficult to remove. You may have to apply makeup remover to wash the hair. The place of the party is another important factor for deciding about the type of color. If there are chances of rain or you are going near water then waterproof product should be selected. Some sugar based colors are available but never use them for outdoor parties as they will attract insects.