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Mar 112011

Thinning hair can spell catastrophe for the woman of today. She is beauty conscious and very much interested in looking good. If care is taken as soon as excess hair fall or hair thinning is noticed, then this crowning glory can be saved, barring age related problems. Get a thyroid test done. One of the symptoms of deficiency of hormones produced by the thyroid glands is hair loss. Medication will reverse this problem. Solutions and help for thinning hair in women are following:

It is important to avoid female hair thinning, do not change your shampoo and other hair products too often. Use gentle formulations. Gently massage warm oil into your hair once a week to improve circulation in your scalp. Comb your hair before washing it to remove tangles. This will mean fewer tangles after washing hair and will prevent it from breaking as wet hair breaks easily. Do not pull the hair. Remove knots from the ends and move upwards. If you have long hair make sections and comb the knots out. When washing hair treat it as if you were washing silk. Keep hair clean, well groomed and free from dandruff.

There are many creams and lotions as remedies for thinning hair that can be purchased over the counter and many pills that claim to generate new growth. These have to be used for a long period of time to have any effect and even then may not give satisfactory result. New age shampoos may help to some extent. Hair can also be transplanted from one part of the scalp where it is plentiful to another part where it is absent. This is an expensive technique and not altogether comfortable.

If these efforts do not bear fruit, then you can try a hair style that will conceal the thin spots. Do not tie the hair tightly or back comb it to fluff it as that will further damage the hair. Another option would be to wear a wig. These are available in colors and styles to suit everybody. They cannot be worn when the wind is blowing hard or if you are to be in contact with water. If the idea of a wig does not appeal to you, a hair piece can be used. Real hair is attached to a band or a clip and this can be worn along with your hair. It increases the volume of the hair and it appears thicker. This is only for an occasional use.

Hair braiding can be done and will last about a month. The attachments have to be replaced after that period. A beautician will braid real or artificial hair at the roots with your hair. This can be washed and styled along with your natural hair and will make the hair appear thicker. These options can camouflage your condition.