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Dec 082010

Feng Shui is very old science. The origin of Feng Shui can be traced to China. This science is of signals and helps a person to be healthy, wealthy and happy. It is said to helps cure diseases and makes unlucky homes and offices a better place to live in and work for better living and earning. Feng Shui affects each and every corner of your home, it may be bedroom, bathroom, living area, terrace or garden. If the setting of home is arranged in a manner as suggested by Feng Shui it is certain to affect your life. Changes should be implemented in full as suggested by experts and not in parts. Remember not to start with each and every portion of your home at one go. Start with one part and when completed as per recommendations, move on to the other.

Each home can be divided into 9 parts. To improve relationship concentrate the most on back right corner. To ascertain which the back right corner of the house or bedroom or any other part is, stand with your back towards the entry door. We will deal with the work to be done to improve relationship.

The bedroom is the place to start with. This is the place to rest. It should be free from strain. Start with the bed. Space under the bed should be clean. Do not stuff material under your bed. If other storage space is available do not have a bed with boxes. This will help improve all aspects of your life. After bed comes decoration of room. Red, pink and white colors help a lot. This can be achieved by having a combination of two colors on walls. This works the best. You may have pair of candles of recommended colors placed on a table in your room. Avoid bringing work or something else which can hinder with your sleep to bedroom. Having no family photographs will help.

Always do things with positive intentions. Do something to please your mate with intention of pleasing him or her, let it be consequential. Like if you are doing something have a thought in mind that you are doing it for improved relationship and to have better life. Do everything with full vigour, never be half hearted. If you are single and intend to marry draw up a list of what you expect from your would be mate. Always be positive and reasonable in thought. Have good positive thinking and likeminded friends. If you have good relationship it will add positive signals to your life. A person with whom you are uncomfortable will affect every aspect of life even sleep.