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Jul 012009

manicure-tipsBeautifully shaped nails with shiny polish on them can attract more hearts than the ones with chipped polish with rough cuticles and brittle nails without much of shape. Manicured nails makes the hands to look better and also speaks a lot about once personality.

Here are a few tips to make the nails look shapely and beautiful.

Moisturizing Skin

Nail care begins with making the hands and the nails soft and smooth. For this soak hands in warm soapy water for a few minutes to soften the cuticles and the nail. Ensure that the soap used is a gentle cleansing bar as harsh soaps cause dryness of hands and nails. Softening lotion could be applied to smooth the dry skin. Or hands could be dipped in paraffin wax to retain moisture in the skin.

Nail Size And Shape

Decide on the shape of the nail. Some people prefer round others prefer shape. But it’s generally genetic and not much can be done to change the shape. Instead, a square or round shape but be made to look shapely with filing. Size of the nail also plays an important role for them attractive.  Long nails look attractive but are very difficult to maintain as they chip easily. So size should be decided based on the life style and time that can be spent in maintenance. Once the length and shape is decided, file then by moving left to right and not from top to bottom or vice versa. The nails should be filed evenly without rough edges otherwise they would look crooked. A buffer should be used to smooth the lines, bumps and dead skin on the top and sides of the nails. Too much pressure should not be applied while buffing as it could thin down the nails and weaken them.

Application Of Polish

Now is the best part, the polishing time. Ensure to that polish is not too thick as it would be difficult to apply. Nail polish remover could be added to the polish to bring it desired consistency. While applying polish, first apply a base coat and once it’s dry up, apply two more coats with at least five minutes break between the two coats. Then the nails need to dry for fifteen minutes or hands and nail could be placed under heat lamp for drying for about ten minutes. To give a shiny and glossy look and protect the nail polish from chipping, a clear topcoat should be applied. Reapplying top coat once in two days will retain the shine on the polish.