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Nov 252010

Acne, or in simple terms pimples, is common in almost all people of the growing age. There are a number of reasons for starting of this problem, main being hormonal changes which take place at the age of puberty. Acne is considered to mostly appear on face, but the reality is they also appear on scalp and body. Medical experts say that these could also be due to genetic reasons. We will now discuss scalp and body acne.

Causes: Scalp acne is mostly due to the allergic reaction of shampoo and oil applied on head. To get rid of scalp acne it is essential that mild shampoos should be used. If the problem increases with use of any particular shampoo it should be avoided. Similar is the case with hair oils.

Body acne is generally found on shoulders, chest and back. The main cause can be lack of proper body hygiene. In addition to this, they can also start appearing due to allergic reaction of soap that is used to take bath or due to detergents used to wash clothes.

For Remedies of acne of body or scalp the following precautions are necessary.

It is essential that detergent used for washing is fully removed from clothes. Also one affected should try to change detergent and soap/body wash. While choosing the soap or detergent it is necessary that these should be without dye and perfume. Try using herbal or Ayurvedic products. Similarly for scalp acne try natural products. The effected parts should be exposed to fresh air as much as possible.

Medical experts recommend use of products with benzoyl peroxide. This helps clean the effected parts in a better way. Soap or shampoo containing this product should be used during shower and thereafter after proper drying, gel of benzoyl peroxide should be applied on the affected parts. Application of tea tree oil is also found to be very helpful in treating this problem. Neem leaves can be used in powdered form for application on acne or they can be boiled in a little water and added to bath water.

In severe cases consultation with dermatologist is a must, especially when a person is affected with swollen, painful and pussy-acne. Treatment will be with antibiotics. Do not wait till skin is damaged and scarred to seek professional help.

It is found that quite a few people find it difficult to get cured from acne despite having tried a number of remedies. In such cases it is essential that one should immediately consult a dermatologist who may prescribe antibiotics or other hormonal medicines that will help total cure.