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Mar 172011

Oil is secreted by sebaceous glands present in the scalp. This oil helps to maintain a balance of moisture and oil in the head and provides lubrication to hair follicles and scalp. The people with dry scalp often complain of itching or flaking of skin and the incidence of hair loss is quite high.

Dry skin is caused by a number of factors. They can be related to environment in which a person lives, type of water available and the type of shampoo used. People living in extreme cold climatic conditions or those who work and live in air conditioned environment often complain of dryness. In certain areas the water used for bathing is hard containing calcium and other minerals. It is difficult to remove soap or shampoo from the hair using this water, resulting in dry scalp. Pollution is also a major cause, people working in fields exposed to dust and pollution often complain of dry scalp.

Above all dietary habits have a major role to play. People eating unhealthy food face a number of problems. They have improper digestive system resulting in disruption of all natural activities of body. The first thing to remember is to eat a well balanced healthy diet full of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. These help to rejuvenate all body cells.

Some of the common home remedies for dry scalp are listed below:

  • Before going to bed massage the head with mustard oil, coconut oil or olive oil. Leave the oil in the hair over night. Next morning wash the hair using a mild shampoo. The shampoo should preferably be for appropriate for dry hair.
  • You can also massage the hair using any of the above mentioned oils and cover it with a plastic or rubber cap, or wrap the head with a towel soaked in hot water.  This way the oil will be properly absorbed by the scalp and hair. The increased blood circulation will be an added advantage.
  • Make a paste for application on dry and itching scalp by soaking some oats in water, mixing and then straining the water. Add a few drops of lavender oil, rosemary oil and apply the mixture on the head. You will feel a noticeable change in the hair shine and scalp condition.
  • Though not liked by people because of the smell emitted, massage of scalp with yoghurt is a perfect remedy for dry scalp. If you can mix yogurt with a raw egg and apply it on the scalp and hair, you will find it a perfect conditioner.
  • Mixture of milk and honey or vinegar and water are also very good home remedies for dry scalp.