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Jun 252010

Wrinkles have the ability to psychologically wound the self esteem of a whole lot of women who, dread to even discuss the topic for various reasons. It is true that when you physically frown more than two hundred times on one single day, you start getting wrinkles. Time is moving and there is no one who can stop the clock so why not try to delay the signs of aging if we cannot curb them from happening at all.

Wrinkles basically develop when a woman begins to age and her skin loses the elasticity that it always enjoyed during the good old days of youth. It is then when the process of cell renewal also slows down owing to spots and pigmentation marks all over the skin. But now with the changing times, scientists somehow have been successful enough to be able to produce creams and lotions which claim to help delay the process of wrinkling to a great degree if used properly and religiously.

Apart from the creams that you could use ever day you might even try using some kitchen made natural concoctions that will give you similar results, safely.

Try massaging olive oil into your skin before sleeping every night. Once you note that the oil has been absorbed well by the skin, take a cotton wad dipped in cold milk and clean the area with the same. The effect will be startling as the combination of the milk and olive oil is way too remedial when it comes to rectifying skin ailments including the process of aging like wrinkling.

Mixture of rose water, lemon juice and glycerin in 3:2:1 ratio. Apply it every night only to wash off in the morning for a healthier looking face. Glycerin helps to keep the moisture balance of your face while the lemon juice gives it a bleaching and cleansing. Rose water helps to cure and glow the skin. Not only face, it can be applied into whole body for glowing natural skin. This is a wonderful combination used by Indian women to keep their skin healthier and wrinkle free for long time.

You might even try applying egg white and honey on your face. This is yet another recipe that is simply too good for your skin.

If you practice doing the aforementioned from your mid thirties or even late twenties for that matter, you will not see your skin crying for a long long time. Hence respect your skin and feed it with all that you have in your kitchen so see that glow on your face. It is true that when your skin smiles, you do too. So, make sure you always keep your skin happy and wrinkles at bay as like it should be. After all who likes to age anyway?