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Apr 052011

Like all wrinkles which appear on the face of any person, wrinkles under the eye are also a result of the aging process. Whenever a person blinks the eyes or squints, there is a movement of muscles. Over a period of time due to continuous use, the wrinkling process sets in. If the facial skin is excessively exposed to sun light or smoke or dust, the wrinkling process starts earlier than due. Care of the skin and keeping it hydrated does benefit.

First of all, remember to use sunscreen lotion of SPF of at least 25. Human skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun light even when inside the building due to presence of diffused sun light. As such sunscreen lotion of SPF 15 should be applied even when indoors. When going out, a lotion of higher SPF can be applied. When going out during the day, use of dark sunglasses can reduce the wrinkling effect. Also consider wearing a hat which blocks the direct sun rays from falling on the face.

Egg white has 69 different proteins in it. This is an excellent remedy for temporarily reducing the wrinkles. The process of formation of line wrinkles as found under the eyes can be slowed if not totally reversed. Before applying egg white on your face beat it properly so that it becomes foam. Using fingers or cotton ball apply it thinly under the eyes and let it dry for about thirty minutes, then wash using warm water. The skin under the eyes will be tightened and line wrinkles will disappear.

By rubbing a slice of cucumber or grapes on the eye wrinkles, these can be reduced. Simply cut the cucumber or a large grape into two parts and rub it on the wrinkled skin under the eye. Let it remain for twenty minutes and then wash. You will notice the effect over a period of time. Similarly, application of lemon juice a few times a day will fade away wrinkles and blemishes under the eyes. Rubbing the core of the pineapple on the skin under the eyes will help eradicate wrinkles.

You can make a pack of turmeric and sugar cane juice. Apply it on the face for twenty minutes and wash with cool water. Honey mixed with lemon juice can be applied on the wrinkles. Juice of pineapple and apple can be applied on the wrinkles for eradication. For healthier skin you can take a spoon full of honey with shredded ginger.

A simple home remedy, though temporary, but for quick result, can be to place a spoon in a fridge. When cold rub it on the wrinkles under the eyes. This will help reduce wrinkles and also reduce puffing under the eyes.