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May 132011

Exfoliation of skin is a natural and usual process. The structure of our skin is such that it continues to repair the damages caused to it. The upper layer is constantly exposed to the atmospheric conditions like pollution and sun light. This results in formation of dead cells on the upper layer. As a natural process this layer of dead cells is removed and new and healthy cells replace them. With age this natural action becomes slow. To hasten up this process which has gone slow due to aging, peeling has to be done manually.

For peeling of the skin manually we need to use certain substances, these can be chemicals of natural growth. It is always better to use natural substances to exfoliate the skin. Using natural products will make the skin look more youthful and clearer. The pores will also open allowing the nutrients in repairing creams to penetrate deep in the skin and initiate their repairing effect. Also natural products will penetrate in the skin through the pores and benefit it. The chemicals used for exfoliation may sometimes damage the delicate skin.

Natural agents make the skin smoother and soft. If the right type of exfoliating agent is selected, even one use will make you to notice the results. The skin will absorb the useful agents and help it to mix in the blood stream, aiding blood circulation and helping system drainage. Due to this reasons natural agents can be applied at home without the danger of their damaging your skin as is possible with chemicals.

There are a lot of natural peeling components that can be applied on the face or body for skin peel. Care should be taken to apply these products which are in the shape of fine powder and should be applied gently to avoid over scrubbing or peeling, as you may develop wounds on delicate skin. Some of the natural homemade body scrubs which can be used include:

Oatmeal is the best facemask that can be used at home. It should be ground and pack applied on face till dry. Once dried, it should be removed by rubbing the face with hand. This is an excellent moisturiser and scrub.

Brown or Sucrose sugar is also a good skin peeling agent with a great smell. It should also be properly ground before applying.

Salt is a peeling agent but should be applied with caution on sensitive skin. Similarly baking soda is a milder exfoliator and helps improve skin texture to a great extent. Walnut shell powder has similar properties.

Rice bran powder is another gentle exfoliating agent for smoother and softer skin. This helps prevent wrinkles and blemishes. It can be mixed with clay, oatmeal or milk powder for better results.

Fruit juices rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids can work wonders with your skin.