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May 052011

The body of every individual, man or woman, produces a large number of hormones. By inbuilt mechanism a balance is maintained between levels of different hormones. A balanced level of hormones regulates growth and development of human organs and their functions. Sometimes imbalance does occur in between the hormones. This can be a reason of mood swings, aging, loss of skin tightness, accumulation of fat around the waist and certain other parts of the body.

Around the time of beginning of menopause marked changes take place in level of hormones in human body. These result in hot flushes and vaginal dryness. Some women go in for hormonal replacement therapy to protect themselves from these symptoms.

Most women, after menopause, due to hormonal imbalance lose the desire to have sex. To increase this desire some women go in for hormonal injections to maintain balance. This process does help increase the desire to have sex but the consequences can be dangerous. Doctors suggest proper consideration of consequences before going in for hormonal replacement with this object in mind. Testosterone patches are in use in Europe and Australia to increase sex desire in women after menopause, but these have been not been recommended by FDA in USA due to adverse side effects due to long term use.

Medical researchers have developed a process of hormonal replacement. After extensive examination of the levels the doctors ascertain the hormones which are deficient in the body and are needed to be injected to maintain balance. These are carefully administered to control deficiency. This therapy can be used in case of excessive memory loss that happens in the case of some women due to hormonal imbalance after menopause. Hormonal injection to maintain balance has also been found to reduce weight, fat accumulation and chances of osteoporosis.

Side Effects: However the chances of breast cancer and development of cancer cells increase a number of times due to injection of certain hormones in body. As per a study injection of oestrogen can increase the sex drive in a woman post menopause but there is marked increase in development of risk of certain cancers. Increase in cases of breast cancer in USA has been diagnosed to this reason only. As such one should be careful before going in for any therapy that is against the law of nature.

If you have once decided to go in for hormone replacement therapy, it is essential to get the level of hormones checked every six months and corrective action taken. Otherwise you may be at a risk of developing certain problems in your body.