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Sep 012009

apply-pressed-powder-foundationPressed powder helps to cover blemishes and controls the shine in the oily face especially in areas like nose. It should be used by all those wearing makeup as it gives a finished look to the makeup and also gives an even tone to the skin.

There are pressed powders available for every type of skin and tone with fragrance and without. Those with sensitive skin should opt for non-fragrant ones.

  • Of the various shades of pressed powder available, translucent ones suit all types of skin tones. They don’t give color to the skin but just control the shine. The shades usually range from dark to light. The names of the shades vary with the brand. Therefore it’s always better to test try a few shades from the samples to decide on the shade that would go with the skin color.
  • One fact ought to be remembered while choosing the shades is that the skin tones vary with season. Those who are tan or spend lot of time in the sun will grow darker in summer and would need a darker shade of pressed powder. Having a range of shades will help to match the skin tones in summer, winter, spring and fall.
  • The various shades of pressed powder can used to give different kinds of illusions. If a darker tone is used under the jaw line, the appearance of double chin would be concealed to great extent. It creates an artificial shadow that reduces the appearance of the extra flesh on the face.
  • The cheek bones can be made to look prominent without colored blush using just the pressed powder. Applying one shade darker for the normal skin just below the cheek bones under the center of each eye and over the hairline would highlight the cheekbones. Care should be taken to follow the contours of cheekbones while applying the powder. This would make the face appear more natural as compared to a blush which would be little artificial.
  • The size of the nose can be reduced with the correct application of pressed powder. If the nose is little too wide for the face then applying pressed powder that is a one shade darker for the normal skin along the side of the nose would do the magic. The edges should be blended well to make it natural and requisite amount of powder should be used. For the rest of the nose, the normal skin shade should be applied.
  • Having additional supplies of pressed powder on hand would help to touch it up when its effect begins to wearing due to absorbing oil from the skin.
  • The applicator should be replaced as and when necessary. Normally, at least two applicator pads would be required for 1 pack of pressed powder. The applicators are made of smooth terry cloth, cotton and polyester.
  • Using the right shades of pressed powder and blending properly will give a very natural look but overdoing or combining the wrong shades would be disastrous. But trial and error is the best way to get perfect at it.