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Oct 132010

Women in today’s fast paced world are working at par with men. They have their own standing and position in the society which is why they are no less than them in any respect. It is a fact that there was a time when women were hardly given all that importance and respect which they enjoy today but with the changing world and ways of life, their status and social standing has improved manifolds.

Along with the new achievement and accomplishments have come a whole lot of responsibilities to shoulder and problems to counter as well. These are not very arduous to handle though, but if taken lightly, they might turn the tables upside down. So the best way to go about balancing work and home is to comprehend where and how to strike a balance as rest will be automatically taken care of.

Make it a point to spend weekends with family. It is imperative to understand that your presence in your family is of utmost importance and significance. Hence if you begin spending the weekends at work just like all the other days, you might have to face a lot of domestic problems later on. Spending quality time with your family will make them feel happy and you peaceful.

Do not bring your work to home. Always try to follow this golden rule which says you must never bring your office back home. Many a time, people end up ruining their family life when doing the above without even realizing it. Hence when you come back, make sure that you are completely at your family’s disposal and have nothing official to handle at all.

Plan a holiday or a vacation once in a while. If you notice that your work is taking a toll on your family life, be sure of doing something sensible before it damages your relations completely. Planning a trip or a vacation to a beautiful place would help you come closer to your family members. Always remember that your family is the most important part of your life, so instead of taking your work seriously, you must also believe in spending some quality time with your own people.

Always sit and talk to your children whatever their age is. It is a fact that working women who fail to strike a healthy balance between their home and office end up with spoilt brats who care boots about their family, parents and relations. Hence, each time you come home, make it a point to spend as much time as possible with your little ones so that they know you care. If you think you are busy, just give them whatever little time you can, else they will slowly drift apart and before you realize your family life would be in tatters.

Attend their school functions and parents meeting without fail. When it comes to making your children feel loved and cared for you just shouldn’t stop yourself from doing whatever you can to make them feel good. Attend every function of theirs, whether in school or college only for them to know that you are there for them.

When it comes to your better half, try planning quiet dinners with candle light once in a while. Never forget each other’s birthday or your anniversary to worsen the case. It is these small things that make a lot of difference. So if they are dealt with care, you will stand out at both, work and home without fail.