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Sep 162009

how-to-bleach-hairBleaching of hair is done to change the color of hair. It could be carried out on add a streak of different color to hair or to lighten the dark hair or sometime to change the color of the hair.

Bleaching can be carried out at home or at the hairdressers. When hair is bleached, the pigment is removed which makes the hair white or colorless. Hydrogen peroxide or ammonium per sulphate is the oxidizing agents used for bleaching. Along with this, alkaline solution is used. This would lift the cuticle of hair and which would make the oxidizer deep inside. Bleaching too often would the hair look dull and lifeless as the cuticle would not lie back over the hair shaft properly. So care should be taken to reduce the damage to the hair shaft while bleaching it.

A light colored hair like brown passes through several shades before becoming white. It would become red, then orange and then brassy yellow before becoming white.

Those going in highlighting of hair strands through home highlighting kits should do it carefully as per the instructions. The kits would normally come with a cap to be placed on the head. Only the hair that needs to be highlighted should be pulled through the holes in the cap. These home highlighting kits have right of mix of bleach in them.

The ones with dark shade of hair should visit the hair dressers for bleaching it. It may be more expensive but would do less harm to the hair than done at home. The hair dressers would apply a toner after the bleaching the hair so as to remove the brassiness that could occur.

Tips for bleaching hair

  • All those bleaching hair must remember to trim it at least once a month.
  • Always good quality conditioner and shampoo should be used on the hair. Else the hair may become weak and dull and even break off.
  • While bleaching at home the bleach should not be let to stay on the hair too long. As soon as the bleached is applied, the hair should be washed immediately.
  • Since bleaches are discoloring agents, they can damage the clothing. Wearing old towel and old clothes would be better so that even if it accidentally comes in contact with the dress, the clothing would be affected.
  • No metal spoons and bowls should be used for mixing of the bleach as it could cause unnecessary acidic reaction.
  • Those who have perms or chemically straightened hair should not use bleach as it could damage the curls.
  • Pregnant women should talk to doctor before going in for hair bleach
  • Bleaches are toxic and could cause allergic reactions as well. So it’s better to test in a small portion of hair before going in for whole hair.
  • Inhaling hair bleach is not advisable. Bleaching should be always done in a ventilated room.