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May 132011

Polished and shining hair is considered to be beautiful. The hair which gives a fake look, or is straight as a rod, or is too bouncy is not considered beautiful by some experts. The look the hair gets after perfect blowing is considered to be the best. As a first step to start blow drying your hair at home in a professional manner is to have the right type of tools. The three important tools required are a brush with strong bristles, sectioning clips and above all a strong blow drier with a provision for variable heat and air flow and a nozzle.

Once you have acquired these tools, you need to spend time to polish your hair. To get a perfect finish you need to work in sections of small size at a time. It should be remembered never to blast the hair not wrapped on the brush. For smooth blown hair, direct the brush and hot air from the drier in the downward direction or in the direction of the shaft. Continue to repeat till the hair is smooth. This needs to be done at a fast pace otherwise you may end up with burnt hair.

Before going in for blow drying of your hair, ensure that the hair has been properly cleaned using a good quality shampoo. After shampoo, apply conditioner using protein rich shampoo. This will give natural health to your hair. It is not necessary to go in for very costly brands, any good quality shampoo and a conditioner will do the job.

Before starting the drying process, ensure that your hair is not dripping wet and is dry to the extent of at least 75 to 80 percent. The hair should be dried from the upper side to downward in the direction of hair shaft. To give bulk to your hair you may need to go against the direction of hair shaft. For clean polished hair you need to spend about half an hour for your hair. In case you can spend only a shorter time, say five minutes, try ponytails etc.  The way you blow dry depends upon the hair style you have. In case of bob hair use of rollers will give a more feminine look.

After you are through with the drier, to maintain the look for a longer time you need to apply hair spray. Do not use blower if you have not shampooed your hair. The chemicals applied earlier should be washed out before blow drying your hair. At least once a week apply sufficient quantity of oil and let it remain in the hair overnight. Wash in the morning. Oil softens the hair and gives moisture to hair which becomes dry by the action of heat emanating from the drier.