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Feb 192011

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience in the life of almost all women in this world. After going through it for a specified period you get the most beautiful gift of your life in the form of your child. During pregnancy quite a few hormonal changes take place in the body of women. These are often stressful and for a successful delivery, it is essential that you overcome this stress.

The best possible way to overcome stress is to keep yourself busy, happy, spend time with your husband or other relatives. If you are interested in reading books, buy or borrow from a library especially books relating to pregnancy. If you know how to knit or stitch make a few garments for your child. This will be the best way to pass time and forget about stress.

If possible discuss your problems with some elders in family. If there is none nearby, you may talk to a friend who has undergone this process recently. Try to listen to their experiences and pick up some useful tips. People give unsolicited advice often which is useless. It is better to just listen to them and follow only those which suit you in consultation with your doctor. Never consume alcoholic drinks or smoke during pregnancy to burst physical or mental stress.

Women often complain of pain in the lower back region of the body or legs. To overcome this it is better to lie down on side. Never lie down with your stomach downwards and avoid lying down on back. Instead lie on your side and keep a pillow between legs. This will give support to back and leg muscles. Do not do anything continuously. Always have rest after doing some work. It is better to lie down at regular intervals after doing something. Never do anything which causes stress and tiredness.

If advised by your doctor, avail the services of an expert for gentle body massage. It is good to have warm water bath, this is refreshing and soothing to muscles. Never go in for hot water bath, this may affect your child. If advised by the doctor short walk with your husband or some other loved one will be refreshing and will help reduce stress. Go out for a drive or for watching a movie as this will help change routine in life.

Another common problem faced by women is morning sickness. This generally occurs during early months of pregnancy. During this period avoid consuming rich food. A small portion of toast or something else of your liking should be taken at short intervals. Instead of eating three large meals eat at regular short intervals. Slowly you will pass through this period of nausea.

Remember that for a healthy baby you need proper diet, atmosphere, medication, exercise and advice or information. This way you will have stress free pregnancy period and will deliver a healthy child.