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Apr 302011

It is important to determine the shape of your face in order to get your hair styled properly. The hair needs to be given volume where the face is narrow in order to create a balance. Alternatively, the width of the face needs to be reduced where it is wide. This is possible with proper cut of hair.

Measure the length and width of your face with measuring tape to know the shape of your face. It can be long, oval, square, round or heart shaped. The measurements to be taken are-

  • From the hair line on top of your forehead to the tip of the chin.
  • Across the forehead where it is the widest.
  • Across the cheek bones.
  • From one side of the jaw to the other side, where it is widest.

“What is my face shape” is a very common question among women while preparing suitable hairstyles according to their personality. Note down the following measurements to make it easy to know the shape of your face:

  • If the cheek area is the widest and the length and width of the face is almost equal, the face is round. The chin is also round in shape.
  • The square face is also equal in length and width but the forehead, cheek bones and chin are all almost the same in width. The jaw line appears to be square with the chin just a point.
  • The heart shaped face is broader at the upper end i.e. at forehead and cheek bones, and narrower at the jaw line. The chin is pointed as the face becomes narrower there as compared to the oval face.
  • The face is said to be oval when it is longer than it is wider but the cheek bones are prominent. The forehead is wider and there is gradual narrowing of the face towards the chin.
  • In a long face, the length is more than the width. The forehead, cheek bones and jaw line are almost the same width. The chin is prominent and the forehead is high giving the face a long look.

Once you know what is your face shape, you can select a hair cut that will suit you. The stylist at the hair salon can help you in this matter. Your hairstyle should bring out your best features and mask your faulty ones. A face that is round or wide can be made to look thinner by framing it with longer hair on either side of the face. A long face can be made to look more balanced by covering part of the forehead with hair.

Very fine hair will need layering and will not be able to take too much styling. Medium and coarse hair can be curled with ease and will hold shape well. Your hair style should be in accordance with your age and lifestyle.