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Aug 172009

home-pedicure-instructions-stepsIn the winters, the feet remain tucked in shoes and socks. But once summer arrives, the feet get exposed and there is a real need to pamper them so that they could be showcased in flip flops and sandals. Therefore, pedicure becomes a necessity for all those who want smooth and healthy feet. There is no need to spend huge sums at beauty clinics, it can be easily done at home.

The materials required for home pedicure are:

  • For nail coloring: Nail polish, Base coat, Top coat.
  • For Relaxing the foot: Blend of warm water with body wash or warm water blended with Epsom salts, baking soda, powdered milk, bath oil or sea salt.
  • For exfoliation: Foot scrubs available in the market like pumice and apricot or prepare own one with coarse salt and olive oil or almond oil.
  • Others: Fluffy towels, Q-tips, cotton balls, nail polish remover, an emery board, nail clippers and loofah or pumice stone.

How To Pedicure?

Cleaning and Shaping: It’s better to have a quiet and calm atmosphere where it’s possible to relax. Turning on some soft music with a favorite drink would be a good idea. The foot should be soaked for at least fifteen minutes in the foot bath prepared with warm water and other additives. The feet should be dried and cleaned. To clean, any left over nail polish should be removed using remover, underside of the toenails should be cleaned and trimmed carefully.

Attempts should be made to give the nails as square shape with round edges and rough areas should be filed off. Cuticle remover could be used to push back the cuticles. Care should be taken not to clip or file too close to the edges of nails which would in grown nails. The cuticles should be cut as they may lead to serious infections in the nail bed.

Exfoliation: Rough spots, calluses and dry skin would soak in the foot bath and become soft. So they could be removed using wet foot file or pumice stone. They should be rubbed firmly in circular motion especially over the heel and ball of the foot.

After this, foot scrubs or blend of coarse salt and oil could be used for further scrubbing. The scrubbed feet should be soothed by massaging with rich lotion or foot creams containing cocoa or Shea butter. This would make the smoothness last longer. At least 5 minutes time should be given for the moisturizer to take effect. Then the foot could be wrapped in hot wet towel if it looks dry.

Polishing: A base coat comprising of fortified vitamins and moisturizers should be applied for smoothness and to strengthen the nails. A nail polish dryer or blow dryer could be used to speed up drying. Then a thin coat of polish should apply. After it dries up, the second coat to be applied for a richer color and left to dry. Lastly, the final glaze should be applied to give shine and protect the nails from chipping. The top coat should be reapplied once in 3 or 4 days times.