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May 032011

Applying makeup for the office is not as simple as applying makeup for some informal occasion or for going out to the market. What looks good in the bathroom mirror or the car rearview mirror may not look good in the office lights. Before deciding on the way the makeup be applied and extent of makeup needed, you have to keep in mind about the environment in which you are working. If your are working in a store or in a corporate environment, the makeup style will be different.

The trick is that the makeup should enhance your natural beauty. As per a study, women who wear makeup are more likely to get promotions as compared to those who go to office without any makeup. Women who stand out at work place due to the way of dressing or makeup are often more successful. Too smoky or glittering eyes may not stand the test of time in office.

The makeup you put while going to office should come up on the following rules:

  • It should be there for a day. You can’t continue to retouch again and again in office.
  • It should be simple and should not consume a lot of time in application. You often have to rush to office after finishing work at home.
  • It should enhance the person in you and not hide it.
  • Makeup should not be such that it distracts the people working with you in the office. Mesmerizing colors will not do. In addition, all around you including yourself should be comfortable.

Keeping the above in mind while deciding about the makeup, keep the following in mind:

  • If your skin is smooth and without blemishes, skip using foundation. Better to apply a moisturizer, sunscreen and may give a very light finish of powder.
  • Eye shadow you apply should not be very flashy, try brown, grey or of bronze color. Still better, you apply two shades of eye shadow that suit you and blend them for the best look. Mascara should be applied to finish up eye makeup. Preferably, go in for waterproof mascara as it lasts longer and does not need retouching for quite some time. Eyeliner will give a complete look to your eyes.
  • Cheeks should not be done up in a way that they give shimmery look. Sheer blush will be better option. The cheek makeup should not be very glittery.
  • Young girls can go in for darker shades of lipstick when in office. However, older ladies will look good in light shades like pink. Lip-gloss can be applied for fresher look of lips.

The more natural you look while going to office, the better and comfortable you will feel. These are general observations and you have to decide on specifics considering your environment and nature of work.