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Jul 162009

body-shape-clothingMany females pick clothes just because they like it but don’t bother to see whether it looks good on them or not. Just wearing beautiful clothes don’t improve the look but wearing ones the suit one’s shape and size would make a lot of difference.

To wear the right styled clothes, people should have an understanding of their shapes. Basically all body shapes (commonly referred to as figures) come under any of these four categories: Hourglass, Rectangle, Triangle and Inverted Triangle.

Hourglass: Those with hourglass shapes are the gifted ones. They are perfectly shaped females. The curves would be only in the bust and hips with a slim waistline.

Rectangle: Rectangle figures are the ones with little or no curves at all. They are evenly shaped from top to bottom.

Triangle: Triangle figures have upper body is very thin compared to the lower half which is usually very wide.

Inverted Triangle: The upper half of the body is very wide compared to the lower half which is very thin.

It’s easier to find the right clothes on knowing the shape of the body. Here a few questions that would help in deciding on the shape of the body:

  • Where are the curves?
  • How does the upper half of the body look in comparison to the lower half
  • Is the weight spread evenly?
  • Lastly, the bust, waist and hips could be measured. This would help to determine the proportion of the body.

Clothes suggestions for different figures:

Hourglass Body Shape

Almost all styles suit hourglass figures. Clothes that are figure hugging will emphasis the curves of the body and them look attractive. Styles which lightly close fitting, bias-cut and princess and the similar ones will look good.

Rectangle Body Shape

Clothes worn should give the look of having curves. Fitted dresses or shirtwaist dresses with hardly any waistline or similar styles would give that look. Wearing too stylish clothes should be avoided as that would give a boxy appearance.

Triangle Body Shape

Those with triangle shape should try to give an evenly shaped appearance. Therefore clothes with shoulder pads would make the upper half look broader and wearing a narrow skirt will make the lower half appear slimmer and hide the hips. Styles similar to coat dresses will give the even shaped structure look.

Inverted Triangle

Those with inverted triangle figure should also aim to give a balanced look. Dresses worn should be such that the upper half of the body should look slimmer and the bottom part bit broader. Full skirts would help to make the lower half larger itself and also impression of fuller hips.

Some questions to be remembered while choosing clothes:

  • How does the chosen dress affect appearance?
  • Is it enhancing the curves or gives a bulky appearance?
  • Do the hips look wider in comparison to the rest of the body
  • How do the shoulders look and does it give curves to the body?

It’s always a good idea to take a friend along while shopping to give a second opinion and comment on the appearance as well.