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Jul 082009

dress-slimmerWeight fluctuations are very common issue. Also everyone cannot have a perfect figure but the clothes they wear can get them to look slimmer or heavier as required. This is the best way to look smarter and slimmer without resorting to extremes like crash diets. Some of the following dressing tips would be helpful to cover the extra flab and look attractive and cliquey.

1. Jeans: Wearing boot cut jeans will help to conceal the flesh on the hips and balance the curves. This is anytime better than tight trousers that taper at the end.

2. Dark colors: Black color is regarded as negative color but those who want to look slim should opt for dark colors especially black. It detracts attention from the flabs. While black is a slimming color, combination of bright color and large prints bloat the figure.

3. Distract attention from troubled spots: Clothes worn should distract attention from the uncomfortable areas and highlight other areas. Supposing size of the hips is a worrying factor then black pants with red fitted top could be a good option. With appropriate neckline for the tops and matching set of accessories, the emphasis would be on the face.

4. Choose dresses with A-line cut: Dresses with A-line cut will just glide over the tummy and hips so the paunch would be hidden.

5. Highlight legs: Short dresses or skirts above the knee will make the legs look longer. Long, flowing, dresses, frills, pleats add an extra pound. Wearing heels and tanning legs also make the legs look slimmer.

6. No baggy: Too tight clothes will push up the fat and bring them out where there is none. Too loose clothes like baggy will make the body look shapeless. Therefore, wearing perfectly fitting clothes is the ultimate solution. Even if one piece is baggy then the other one should be fitted.

7. Undergarments: There are many undergarments in the market that don’t give the bump or the bulge like the traditional ones. When the correct fitting dresses are worn coupled with these, appearance of the women is sure to change.

8. Stripes: The vertical stripes cause up down movement of the eyes and gives a slimmer appearance while a horizontal one causes the eye goes to back and forth and gives a bulkier appearance.

9. Accessories: Elongated necklace or long scrap also give a slimmer look

10. Pleats and ruffles: Pleats, ruffles and other add ons that make the dress look bulky will ultimately make the wearer too look heavy. These are best avoided if on the bulky side.

Those who want to look slim should avoid going by the trends instead choose what would suit them. It makes sense to get clothes tailored to suit the body figure and avoid too loose clothes like baggy or large tee shirts and not too tight clothes too. It’s a good idea to take a friend along while shopping to give an opinion on the clothes to buy.