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Aug 052010

It is true that the fashion industry is buzzing with a whole new sense of style today. Lipsticks and nail paints have become a household name. Every girl wants her lips to be glossy and sexy looking, which is the almost like the need of the hour now. Glossy lips have always been in vogue. Whether it has to do with the seventies, during Sophia Loren’s’ era or today, for that matter, glossy lips have always had men falling down on them and women dying to own them for whatever cost that is.

For glossy lips all you need to do is keep your lips soft and supple by applying lip balm or Vaseline every night before sleeping so that in case you have a party to attend, your lips would proudly flaunt the best glosses ever with all the grace that they have.

Make sure that you apply beeswax on them to make them tender and soft so that whenever you apply your favorite lipstick on them, they don’t look over done or flakey. Beeswax has the tendency to help keep your skin hydrated due to which it is often used in lip balms for the same reason. You might as well use some olive oil to achieve the same aim for this oil that has the ability to soften almost all skin types.

Honey is again the perfect cure for all lip or skin ailments. You just have to apply it on your face and lips and see how it works wonders for everything. Honey is a natural moisturizer as a matter of fact. When you apply it on your lips you tend to rid them of all the chapped scales that they have on them.

Glossy lips could be achieved by way of buying expensive glosses that have in built moisturizers too. All you need to do is apply your favorite color and yet have your lips smiling back at you. Lips are fun to experiment with. All you need to do is use the lip liner in such a way that they look plump or thin and see how everyone looks at you all through the evening.

Video Courtesy: BASTARmakeup