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Feb 232011

Heartburn is caused due to formation of excess acidic material in the stomach which moves up, causing unpleasant sensation of burning in the chest region. During pregnancy this is bad experience for the lady already undergoing lots of pressures from different body parts.

To cope with this problem it is essential to keep a full control on dietary habits. During the latter part of pregnancy movement gets restricted to some extent and the digestive system gets upset. It is necessary to keep a strict watch on diet. You may have liking for spicy and fried stuff but it should be avoided at all costs. Try to eat food that is full of nourishment and fibre and which is easy to digest. Fresh vegetables are easy to digest and are nutritive.

Another important thing is not to lie down immediately after meals. Try to sit or move around for about twenty minutes. If it is necessary to lie down immediately, keep some pillows under your head to avoid acidic material in the stomach from moving up.

Try some enzyme drinks available in the market. These help kill acidity with enzymes inducted in the body by drinking them. If you are not lactose intolerant, a cup of diluted cold milk will be of great help. Take half a glass of cold skimmed milk, mix equal quantity of cool water in it and drink sip by sip. This will help neutralise acid formed in the stomach. Fruits like papaya are also quite useful and help relieve discomfort to a great extent.

Different anti- acid medicines are available in the market to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy. These provide much needed relief. Before going in for these medicines it is necessary to consult your attending doctor. Though most of these medicines are safe during pregnancy still the possible reaction, if any, with other drugs you are taking has to be looked into. A number of chewable anti- acid tablets are available and these provide instant relief. Try them after consulting your doctor.

Water dilutes acid accumulated in the stomach. It is good if you take a lot of water after each meal keeping a gap of about fifteen minutes between food and water. Water can also be taken even otherwise. It helps drain out unwanted residue from the kidneys.

Remember that the problem will end with the delivery of the child. So take preventive steps throughout pregnancy and wait for the big day when you will have a child and the small problems being faced will end.