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Sep 122009

prevention-ingrown-hairIngrown hair is the hair that grows under the skin or curl back under the skin. These cause bumps on the skin. Those who are lightly colored would have inflamed and red bumps and those on the darker side would have a darker one. It commonly occurs in bikini areas as a result of shaving. The look ugly and are irritating as well. But the fear of ingrown hair should not stop anyone from shaving. Here are a few special techniques that can be adopted to prevent growth of ingrown hair.

Only a multi blade razor should be used for shaving. Number of blades could range from two to four to give that silky smooth surface.

Shaving gel should be applied before shaving to reduce the chance of ingrown hair. The gel would help the blade to move over the skin smooth and shave of the hair without causing much of cuts, nicks and irritation. When the skin gets irritated, it inflames and that prevents the hair from growing outwards and the hair grows under the skin.  Using a razor with moisturizing strip would help in moisturizing the skin with moisturizing components like aloe, cocoa butter and lanolin and also prevent ingrown hair.

It’s a good idea to use antibiotic topical ointment after shaving. The ointments would prevent occurrence of infection in the shave area through the cuts and nicks which are common with shaving. These ointments have exfollients in them. These exfollients help to remove the layer of skin on the shaved area. There by reduce the chance of ingrown hair as the layer of skin would be removed and the hair could grow without any hindrance. The exfollients come in gel and liquid form. They have high alcohol content in them; therefore there would be a slight sting when after applied on a freshly shaved skin.

Another good way to reduce ingrown hair is by shaving off the hair on a daily basis. This way the partially grown hair would be trimmed off and would not have the chance to curl out under the skin. Also shaving every day would help in exfoliating the skin which otherwise might obstruct the hair strands from growing out.

Shaving using warm water and shaving gel is a good combination to open up the closed pores. This way the doorway would be left open for the hair to grow out and give opportunity to nip of the hair that might become ingrown. After shaving the cold water or astringent should be used on the area to close the pores again.

Some people suffer from ingrown hair in the underarm area. The only way out of it is to maintain good hygiene. While washing the body, special efforts should be taken to clean off the deodorants from the under arms. These deodorants usually get into pores to suppress odors and there by increase the chance of ingrown hair.

To sum it up, ingrown hair is ugly and painful. Applying moisturizers and using good clean multi -blade razors would prevent the growth of ingrown hair and the exfollients also play a supportive role.