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Dec 272010

We all have experienced sunburns sometimes in our lives. Sunburns are a nasty conditions which visit you every summers. Although fair skinned people are more prone to them, however, darker skinned people are not fully protected from sunburns. You can try some home remedies which will help sooth the pain and blisters caused due to sunburns.

Sunburns are of 3 types classified as 1st degree, 2nd degree, and 3rd degree burns. The 1st degree burns leave the skin red coloured and painful. The 2nd degree burns have water bubbles along with the red colour and pain.

It is best to seek professional medical help if the water bubbles are larger than 2 inches diameter, or are discoloured or oozing. Popping these bubbles is very harmful.

3rd degree burns are most dangerous. These leave the skin with white patches. Medical attention for such patches should be sought without any delay. Consulting a doctor is also a must for any white or red streaks on the skin.

Some home remedies have been found very useful for first and second degree burns.

For 1st degree and 2nd degree burns, application of cooling elements is very helpful. Over the counter medicines can also be used. But you must avoid medicines containing “cane or caine”. Pain killers may help. But oil based products should never be used. These products clog the skin pores and may cause infection to set in.

Cool shower may help as against a very cold shower. A cold shower may cause the body to go into a shock. Adding vinegar to the bath relieves the stinging sensation from the sunburn. Cooked oatmeal is also very reliving.

Bottom stalk of “Touch-Me-Nots” plants has been found good for sunburns. Remove the root of the plant, grind the rest of the plant and apply the paste on the sunburn skin area to relieve the sting. Poison Ivy, calamine lotion and chamomile herbs are also found to be a good relief to sunburns.

Potatoes can work magic in reducing pain of the sunburn. Wash, cut and grind 2 potatoes. Use this paste on the sun burnt areas. Wait for the application to dry and then wash off.

Cooked and cooled oatmeal can also be used as a pack. Apply the cooked and cooled oatmeal on the affected areas, let it dry and wash off.

Post application of these packs, apply Aloe Vera. This will help rehydrate the burnt areas. You must have large quantities of liquids and keep a look out for infections. Medical help should be sought without delay for infections. One must remember that these home care tips are not a replacement of medical attention.

It is the best to avoid sunburns. Some simple tips like use of sunblocks, wearing loose clothing, use of hats and caps and sunglasses will help avoid sunburns.