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Your kitchen is full of ingredients that could help you look not less than Cleopatra herself. You just have to trust the concoctions that could be prepared in the midst of your kitchen for they are natural, safe and extremely effective too. Trusting your grandmother and her concoctions can hardly ever do you any harm so why not just experiment with whatever it is that your kitchen is stocked with see the difference?

Get your self the gram flour concoction which is made of turmeric, gram flour, milk or curd and some salt. Apply this mixture all over your legs and feet and keep it that way for twenty minutes. Wash off the pack once it dries up to give you a smooth set of legs and feet which would have your friends turning green with envy each time their eyes would fall on them.

You might even try using curd and wheat flour for the same. Rubbing this combination would help you get the softest legs and feet ever. As a matter of fact, this would also help you reduce the growth of hair around the area where you would apply the same.

Olive oil is one of the best friends of your skin. All you need to do is trust the qualities that the olive oil is bestowed with and see how it helps make your legs and feet smooth like never before. All you need to do is apply some olive oil all over your legs and feet at night time and massage a little before you turn in. when you wake up next morning, just wash off the excess oil on your limbs and see how they shine and impress everyone around.

You could even resort to using avocado oil instead which has tremendous moisturizing ability, with the help of which your legs and feet would always be soft and tender.

Applying mud pack also works wonders for your skin. It helps keeping them clean and clear of all the skin eruptions of various kinds. Taking care of your body is always important provided you know how well do go about the same. Once you have a fair idea about how to keep your skin clear there is no way you would end up having problems with the same.
So follow the steps given above to get beautiful legs and you would have the world going gaga over you.

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