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None can look young and youthful for ever. But attempts can be made to delay the aging signs. Appearance of wrinkles on the skin is an important factor that gives away a person age.  Here are some tips to delay the arrival of wrinkles.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health and skin. It speeds up the aging process, causes premature wrinkles. There are plenty of products available to quit smoking.

Applying Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be used immaterial of the weather conditions. Every time and any time the skin faces the sun, there should a coat of sunscreen as exposure to sun is equal to getting wrinkles. Although sun gives Vitamin D to the body but its rays also damage the skin. Wearing sunscreen doesn’t stop the absorption of Vitamin D at the same time protect from the skin from harmful. Those who want tan opt for lots of creams with tans that are available instead of letting their roasting in the sun.

Sleeping enough

Sleeping a full quota of seven hours everyday keeps the body and mind fresh. But sleeping more than 10-12 hours can cause gain in body weight. While sleeping care should be taken to sleep on the back which helps in circulation while sleeping on the stomach or sides will decrease the circulation and cause wrinkles.

Eating Healthy food

Eating healthy food which includes lots of vitamins and minerals will give a balanced diet. This in turn helps to the body to deal with ultraviolet radiation and pollution and thereby delay visible signs of aging. Healthy diet means reduction in red meat, less of soda or fizzy drinks, avoid pastries and other fatty stuff. Even multivitamin pills or syrup can be taken to supplements the ones in the food.

Drinking lots of water

Drinking lots of water helps to hydrate the skin. With age the skin loose elasticity and drinking water will increase the moisture content in the skin and make it plump. This will improve the elasticity which in turn takes care of appearance of wrinkles. It’s recommended to use drink 8 glasses of water everyday and use moisturizing lotion soon after bath.

Exercising regularly

Those exercising regularly stay healthy, fit and look young for a long time. Exercising not only makes the body strong but also improves the attitude too. A happy mind leads to healthy face which in turn reduces the appearance of wrinkles and makes the person stay youthful for a long time. Exercise need not be at the gym, it could be any form that would wake up the sleeping the muscles and make up active.