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Aug 052010

Lips are vital enough for the beauty of a woman’s face. If you think your lips are thick and you wish to make them thin and small, there are ways and means of achieving the same either by make-up or surgery, whatever it is, that suits your pockets and perception at the end of the day.

It is imperative to keep your lips soft and supple all year round. For that you could use a lip balm or vaseline which when applied on the surface of your lips, help keep them soft and lithe. Lip balm is very effective when it comes to keeping your lips soft. In fact many a time you will see that a lot of women apply the lip balm instead of nude lipstick shades to achieve both, fashionable look and tender lips.

Home remedies to make your lips soft  are very effective. If you think winters are your lips enemies, then you might as well make glycerin with lime juice mixture your best friend. Applying glycerin on your lips helps a great deal to cure all the dryness within no time at all. Once you get into the habit of applying glycerin every night on your lips you would forget the last time you had dry, chipped lips from then on.

Applying milk cream also helps. Cream and butter are excellent softeners for your lips. You could melt the butter a little and smear it all over your lips whenever you reckon they are dry and dehydrated so as to help them get all the moisture again. Milk cream mixed with a little honey gives the lips a good moisture content because of which they become nice and supple again. Using all the naturally prepared concoctions for your dry and chapped lips always help a great deal. So, never stop having faith in your kitchen. After all that is exactly where your stomach also gets it nourishment.

Olive oil on your lips could have a wonderful effect. You could help treat dryness by applying few drops of olive oil on your lips before turning in every night. Such things help your lips get all the moisture that they need making them look pink and healthy!