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Oct 152010

Being pregnant is always a wonderful feeling for many mothers who love the fact that they are soon going to be blessed with a little one. As soon as they start experiencing early symptoms of pregnancy, they wish to eat and drink all that their hunger pangs induce them to which is again a fun filled feeling. But, the most important aspect to pay heed to during this phase of life is always consuming the right food in the required quantity and not more or less than that.

Pregnancy could be fun if only it is taken to be it for many a time women in depression tend to neglect their attitude which needs to be at its best (during this time) owing to several problems for them. Hence the punch word is to keep yourself happy and consume everything healthy with the right kind of attitude.

  • Get involved in some positive, interesting and good reading when you are expecting a child. Keep yourself extremely busy with books that you think would help you gain the best knowhow during this time. Do not read anything that might hamper the mental or emotional growth of your child.
  • Being religious always helps so turn to the god almighty for sometime especially if you have never done that before. This exercise is of utmost significance for it helps to keep your calm and cool always.
  • Due to the hormonal changes in the body mothers-to-be often get agitated over petty issues which, is not right for the baby. So try to be cheerful all the while. If you get irritated or unhappy, immediately change your mood and be chirpy.
  • Go for walks but only if your doctor thinks you can so that gazing at the trees and flowers would make you happy. It will help to give you a wonderful feeling of being close to the nature.
  • Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation are the best practices which can help you to remain calm and keep your mind peaceful and happy. This will definitely lead to a positive impact on your baby and keep the baby happy in pregnancy.
  • The whole idea is to indulge in activities that will help bring a smile on your face. You just have to keep yourself engaged and happy all the while for achieving the right attitude.
  • If you do not eat with the right attitude you will not be able to digest the food which is why your baby would suffer. So enjoy being pregnant and be happy for only when you are happy will you be able to digest everything that you eat during your pregnancy.