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Dec 102010

A blind date is meeting of two persons not known to each other. Often there is fear in the mind of both regarding the qualities, likings and disliking of the other, the first impression which the other will carry after the meeting and whether the relationship will continue or end after the first meeting. However, there should be no reason to fear. Keeping in mind some basic things, a blind date can be successful and will pave the way for further dates. Here are some tips for a blind date:

It is essential that before a date both should know basic necessary facts about the other. They may have communication over phone or over email to know compatibility. This can be misleading, but will give some idea of the person with whom you are dating like his qualification, work and income etc. When you decide to meet, select some public place where there is movement of people, you will be more comfortable, and in case of need to part you will find help from others. If after the first introduction both feel interested they may stick around for dinner or walk etc.

The way you dress up plays an important role in reflecting your personality and seriousness in an affair. Be properly dressed, business casuals are better than jeans and t-shirt.

Never be dishonest if you want to have a long lasting serious relationship and are looking for it to end in marriage. Disclose truly and fully about yourself. Wrong information is bound to be found out at a later date and this may result in a break up. In case of incompatibility, it is better to part earlier than later, as it will be more painful the longer it is prolonged. Being honest and genuine upfront will leave a better impression in the mind of the other.

It is found that during the first few dates when people are not very familiar with each other, payment of bill becomes an issue. Never let it happen. If the girl insists on payment tell her politely that you can manage it, or she may pay at a later date. However if she insists, try to work it out by dividing the payment in two. Do not easily agree to payment by woman as this will leave wrong impression.

End the first or first few dates, when you are in process of understanding the other, in a realistic manner. If you are not satisfied about the other tell him or her politely that there is no fun in continuing, and wish the other progress in life. Otherwise plan and discuss the time and place of next date and decide a place best suited to both of you.

Being true and honest you may be able to find love of your life.