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Aug 082009

henna-mehndi tattoo-body-artTattoos on the body are the latest fashion trend. But fashions keep changing and a few years’ later tattoos may not be considered the trendiest. But if permanent tattoos are done, it’s very difficult to get rid of it later. There fore it’s a better option to go for henna which is temporary one. It fades of with time and the designs can be changed as often.

What is Henna?

Henna also called Mehndi is an integral part of Indian culture. It’s a green powder which is obtained by drying and grinding the henna leaves. Generally it’s available in all Indian and Middle Eastern grocery stores. It can be applied in any part of the body.

How To Process Henna?

henna-hair-dye-colour-application1. The powder should be sieved to remove chucks or leaves.

2. Henna should be mixed with lemon juice in a plastic container with a plastic spoon. Metals should be used as they may cause acidic reaction and alter the color of the tattoo. Sugar could be mixed with the above for the tattoo to last longer.

3. The mixture should be covered with plastic wrap and left for a day or two for the henna to release the dye molecules.

How To Apply Henna Tattoo?

  • The tattoos can be done using a small paint brush (which is recommended for beginners), piping bag similar to icing cone used for decorating cake. These materials would be available at grocery stores or bakery and very reasonably priced.
  • The designing could be done free hand or using a stencil. Other options are drawing designs using eyeliner pencil lightly and then trace on it with henna. This way mistakes could be corrected before applying henna.
  • Transfer paper could be used too for getting the designs on the body. For transfers, the pattern should be drawn on a transfer paper and then deodorant should be applying in the area to be tattooed. Then the transfer paper should be pressed on the area with hand. On removing the paper, the pattern would be visible in the body and henna could be applied over it.
  • apply-henna-tatooAfter applying the henna it is left to dried up and to be absorbed into the skin. Sealant made of lemon and sugar mixture is used to keep the ink in place. Even a hair gel spray could be used as sealant.
  • Once the sealant dries, the design should be wrapped first with tissue and then a plastic wrap and left overnight. The next morning the wrap should be removed and the tattoo would be visible. It stays on for about 8 to 10 days its better to try this out in a small area of the body which need not be moved much to get a feel for it.


  • The most important part of henna or mehndi body art is, having no side effects on the skin and does not require any aftercare.
  • It has the quality of being permanent and temporary both. The body art shows very clearly for about a week like permanent, then starts fading after few days.
  • Henna tattoo is not applied by penetrating the skin so it’s not permanent. The dye colors only the first few layers skin. When the new skin cells replace the old skin cells, the henna also begins to fade.