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Sep 092009

homemade-cosmetics-recipesThere are plenty of products available in the market for every kind of cosmetic. So there is hardly any need to go through the laborious process making one at home. Interestingly, there are a few people who still like to go back to the basics and make up their own cosmetic. Here is a process for some of the cosmetics that can be created at home.

Hand Creams

Ingredients for a basic hand lotion
1 ounce soft soap
4 fluid ounces glycerin
15 fluid ounces rubbing alcohol (minimum of 70% alcohol)
15 fluid ounces distilled water

Water should be mixed with rubbing alcohol. Then the soft soap should be dissolves in this mixture. Once soap dissolves, glycerin should be added and stirred. Favorite fragrance perfume could be added although it’s optional.

Honey and Almond Cream

A honey and almond cream best for dry skin. Ingredients are as follows
2 ounces honey
4 ounces lanolin
2 ounces almond oil

Honey should be melted in double boiler and lanolin should be added and mixed well. The mixture should be removed from heat and cooled. Once it’s cooled, almond oil should be added and stirred well. If desired, perfume could be added to give a nice fragrance.

Shaving Cream

8 ounces heavy mineral oil
8 ounces glyco stearin (diglycol stearate)
40 ounces water

Mineral oil and glyco stearin should be heated in a double boiler till 150 degrees. Water should be boiled to 150 degrees separately. Then the glyco stearin mixture should be added to the water and stirred gently. The mixture should be allowed to cool. On cooling perfume could be added and extra mixture can be stored for future use.

Natural Deodorants

4 drops of lavender oil
1 Teaspoon water
Few chrysanthemum leaves

Lavender oil should be added to water and applied underarm. The chrysanthemum leaves should be crushed and rub gently in the under arm area. This serves as good deodorant but no antiperspirant. Though antiperspirant would require aluminum chloride but it can cause skin irritation and also stains clothes.

Mouth Refreshers

Pint of warm water mixed teaspoon of table salt serves a good mouth wash.
Baking soda could be good substitute for toothpaste.

Anti Wrinkle cream

1 tablespoon lanolin
2 teaspoons sweet almond oil
2 teaspoons water
2 teaspoons cod liver oil

Lanolin should be melted in a double boiler with almond oil. The warm water should be added and the mixture removed from heat and let to cool. On cooling cod liver oil should be added.

Although finding the right ingredients and making the creams may be difficult but gives a lot of satisfaction.